Astral Projection Review

Astral Projection Underground – 18 Part Audio Course Review

First of all, you may want to download this short report titled “15 Reasons to Learn Astral Projection” written by Abishek at no-cost here: Astral Projection Underground

(Disclaimer- this is NOT a superhero fantasy!)

Would you believe it if someone told you that you can drift away from your physical body into a whole new plane of existence?

Just think about how exciting it will be if you could fly like a bird, soar off into space, and walk through solid walls!

How do you like the idea of visiting the Akashic Records, which is a record of universal consciousness and get a chance to see the past, present and the probable future?

Would you like to grow spiritually, become more intuitive, be guided by higher intelligence, and gain a better understanding of yourself and your purpose of existence?

And would you like to improve relationships, and heal yourself physically, mentally and emotionally?

All this and more lie on the un-treaded realms of Astral Projection!

Astral Projection, or Out-of-body-experience is an exciting phenomenon that allows you to leave your physical body and travel anywhere you want to.

Astral Projection is a subject that has always been shrouded by mystery and myths. Most people have got no idea what it is all about…and till now there has not been enough reliable resources at our disposal that could be trusted and acted upon.

Not anymore.

Abhishek has been practicing Astral projection since the last 15 years. Most of us have not heard about him because he prefers staying away from the limelight. And he does not like to be labeled as an Astral projection guru. To put it in his own words “I prefer people NOT knowing me!”

But on the insistence of his close friends, he has finally decided to come out in the open and tell people all about this amazing and exciting phenomenon, and demystify the entire concept of out-of-body experiences.

Abhishek has just released an 18-part audio course on Astral projection, that provides step-by-step instructions to help anyone achieve an Out-of-body-experience.

You can find details about his course on his website

My Review

The major highlight of this series is simplicity; everything is explained in easy-to-understand layman’s language. Abhishek has removed all the technical jargons and complexities that tend to intimidate people, and has succeeded in keeping the course very simple. Finally, we now have something that even a total beginner can understand.

Personally, I related to this course really well because I found all my basic fears about Astral Projection being outlined by him without exception. This drew me deeper into the content of the audio series. This man had already gone through every single phase that I was just entering!

I had absolutely no problems trying to understand the various concepts involved, and the entire phenomenon had been made simple and easy to learn.

I found hope with his every word, because 15 years of experience is bound to have some substance behind it! The audio is clear and crisp, and the flow of thoughts is excellent.

All these contributed strongly to my interest in astral projection…

Ok, now lets get down to some finer details about the course:

The Course Itself
The audio set has the following 18 parts:



This is quite a comprehensive list and is almost 3 hours of listening time.

I am happy that the entire course is in Audio format. All I have to do is plug in my iPod and listen to what Abhishek has to say. The rest of the day, I ponder over what I’ve learnt and try and apply whatever he says.

This, in my opinion, is exactly where this audio series scores, and where the other guides (gimmicks?) lose out. The audio series is new, inventive and exciting…

I have completed all the 18 modules, and I can confidently say that every single detail has been beautifully explained…

Everything that a beginner should know about Astral projection has been packed into this 18-part series. The audio quality is crystal clear, with absolutely no problems or glitches at all. And the voice is energetic and enthusiastic, sure to keep you excited!


Great care has also been taken to ensure that everybody is satisfied at the end of the day, because for the ones who like to read rather than listen…a 127 Page transcript of the entire audio series has also been included in the package!

Very thoughtful of Abhishek, indeed–the transcript has helped me more than once!

4 Additional Videos

But Abhishek did not stop there:

He has also included a series of 4 Videos on Astral Projection that cover the following topics:

  • Amazing Space Travel
  • Astral Sex
  • Astral Traveling Speeds
  • Exercises For Super Concentration

The volume that he’s just giving away blew me away at first. Seems like I’m in for more than my dollar’s worth 😀

Relaxation Audios

Abhishek stresses the point that having a totally relaxed body and mind is very vital to your Astral success. To help beginners achieve a deep level of relaxation, he has included a set of 6 natural relaxation audios.

Each of these audios is 1 hour in length. So that makes it a total of 6 hours playing time. I went through these audios, and I must say they are very relaxing indeed.

These are bound to soothe your nerves and mind, and escalate you to a tranquil state, wherein you will start feeling the first tingling of your astral journey.

For those skeptical about the quality of the audio series, there are many samples available on the website that can give you a basic idea on what to expect!


Abhishek also has other surprises and bonuses in store for visitors of his website and I’m trying really hard and not give out the spoilers here! Besides, you should check it out for yourself. He keeps adding more resources there as well. How much of reviewing can one person do?


The 18-Part audio series is entirely new and one of it’s kind. Nothing of this sort has ever been tried out before by anyone! Also, there are countless testimonials from people who have benefited a lot from Abhishek’s books and audio series; real people who have had actual astral experiences all due to Abhishek’s pointers! These testimonials prove that his stuff surely works.

As a review should be, I thought of adding something that I did not like about the course! I have tried hard, but still haven’t figured out anything negative about the course yet. If I do, I will update this review!

As far as I am concerned, this audio/video series is, hands down, one of the most illuminating and enlightening ones around pertaining to the concept of Astral Projection…

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