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Whether you are new to metaphysics or a longtime student of religions/spirituality or philosophy, you will enjoy our 7-Day “What Is Metaphysics” E-Course, created just for you. We believe everything should be simple, and this course is as clear and simple as I could get.

If you are new to metaphysics, this course will serve as a detailed introduction to metaphysics. If you have been studying this subject for a while, this course will allow you to re-visit and expand upon the ideas that you already hold.

Hopefully this course will remind you to get back to the basics, guiding you to transition back to Oneness-based understanding and presence from a programmed state of ego-based reacting.

We tend to make things more complicated then they really are. Over-thinking and over-analyzing may prevent you from actually living, so we hope you remember to detach from yourself a little more and keep things simple always!

In addition to instantly obtaining a digital pdf file of our entire course, you will be given the option of receiving this informative e-course over one week: a lesson a day for seven days sent right to your inbox.

Also, when you sign up, you will receive our bi-monthly newsletter/Ezine called ‘Metaphysical Mind.’ Each issue contains some of the latest information on metaphysics, spirituality, science or philosophy. This newsletter should help keep you informed, and on the right path to uncovering that knowledge or insight you seek.

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You will also get an amazing bonus metaphysical library. Many marketers suggested I tell you this package is worth a lot of money, but in reality most of the e-books in this package were absolutely free. The value in this package is in the information these e-books contain.

I spent a lot of time searching for these e-books and then studying them. This collection contains many of the best digital books I have found on the internet. It will save you years of searching online for quality information that is not completely outdated on topics such as healthy eating, spiritual principles for living, inspiring stories, and much more.

You will have instant access to this online metaphysical library consisting of over 40 digital books and growing.

Just some of the books included in our Metaphysical Library are:

  • A Flower Unfolds (channeled poetry of the Goddess Kwan Yin) by Craig Howell & Marjorie Musacchio: The inspirational teachings in verse from Kwan Yin, Bodhisattva of Mercy and Compassion.
  • The Power Of Concentration by Theron Q. Dumont: 20 Amazing Lessons on The Power of Concentration.
  • The Love by Tim Stone: Evolution to Eternity, “The Love is a book of dreams which will hopefully inspire love, faith, happiness and wisdom.”
  • The Nuts and Bolts of Meditation by Bill Cozzolino: Unleash your quantum brain!
  • Handbook of the Navigator by Eric J. Pepin
  • Human Becoming by David Richo: Practical Steps to Self-Respect and Compassionate Relationships.
  • How and When to Be Your Own Doctor by Dr. Isabell A. Moser: The Purpose of this book is to educate the general public about the virtues of natural medicine and to encourage the next generation of natural healers.
  • Meditation-The Inward Journey by Blair Lewis: This title speaks for itself.
  • The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill: The timeless classic in sixteen lessons, which taught for the first time in the history of the world the true philosophy on which all personal success is built.
  • The Astonishing Power of Gratitude by Wes Hopper: How to fix the 5 big mistakes that keep you from putting gratitude to work for you.

And the list goes on…Sign up now to see for yourself what else is inside this free metaphysical library bonus package that has been compiled for you personally (as you Are so am I).


Don’t worry — your e-mail address is totally secure.
I promise to use it only to send you Metaphysical Mind.

Read what others have said about it:

Thank YOU so much for all the time and effort that you have obviously put into these lessons.

I look forward to receiving my email (from the E-course) every evening and discovering what new wonder or idea awaits. I really appreciate that you put so much into every lesson and it is people like you who freely give of their time and knowledge to benefit others that makes this world such a beautiful place. I really love the special bonus reading page.

Anyway thanks again you’ve really made a difference in my journey. I am going to be spending a lot more of my time at, learning everything I can, it really is the most informative website that I have ever had the pleasure of visiting.–Bec Reeve, Sydney, Australia

I am very excited about receiving more of your material on Metaphysics!

Every mail I read of yours, this belief in me grows bigger and stronger that I can be a very powerful being, and manifest whatever I want in my life. I want to explore further into this mystic world, if I can call it so.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the mails that you send. It has broadened my horizons!!! 🙂 I also wanna thank you for the innumerable bonuses that you have given me access to. I have downloaded each one of then and I cant wait enough to get time from work to read them.

I eagerly wait for your next mail in my inbox, every time I finish reading the latest one!!!

May god bless you for all the good work!

In appreciation & gratitude,–Amrita Somaya, India

This newsletter issue was brilliant.

Your newsletter issues are so well-organized. I love the way you take pages and pages of the metaphysical observations running around in my thoughts and distill them down into succinct, thoughtful sentences. I find useful quotes – multipurpose, managable language-handles and nifty oven-mitts for hot topics – throughout your newsletter – well beyond your awesome quotes!

As a subscriber to Metaphysical Mind, I feel like I have a personal metaphysics expert working for me – a tireless researcher I can trust to save me hours of time, to wade through the overwhelming, hit-or-miss Search Engine returns, and to deliver the best of the what the web has to offer on metaphysics in an original, one-stop read.

I read it from beginning to end.–Eric Slade Roberson, Author,
I just wanted to send you my sincere thanks for this fantastic E-Course.

Many of your words resonated with me, and I do believe each answer is within the individual. I think it is so fantastic that you would go to such an effort to make this available to everyone, and I will pass on your website details to my friends.

I must admit however, I kept thinking some of the way along, so what’s the catch…., and then I sort of tuned in a bit closer and felt totally comfortable with everything. It’s all a bit surreal actually, I’m 35 and I can honestly say through all my reading/meditation and changing the way that I think, that I’m truly happy and content for the first time….– Hellen Paslis, Sydney, Australia

I absolutely loved your e-course. I have “learned” so much. Perhaps I must say you have confirmed what I was already “sensing”.

I wanted you to know that your website was the answer to my prayer. I wanted to desperately understand God better so I’d be able to communicate with Him at will.

I feel that your course had given me what I had been looking for all along.

Thank you so much.–Stephania de Jong, USA

Thank you for being a part of my daily routine. Your messages are like a breath of fresh air. I just wanted to let you know that I do appreciate your very thoughtful insights and guidance, especially during these very difficult times. I try to visit as many of the links that you provide and they have all been very worthwhile.–Cristina Candy, Connecticut, USA

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Don’t worry — your e-mail address is totally secure.
I promise to use it only to send you Metaphysical Mind.

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