Metaphysics Introduction

Obtain Ultimate Peace of Mind Through the Philosophy of Metaphysics and Spiritual Metaphysics…

Metaphysics Introduction

Here are some important questions for you to consider right now:

  • What is the meaning of Life?
  • What is my purpose?
  • What is God?
  • What is reality?
  • Why am I here?
  • How did I get here?
  • Who and what am I?
  • What will happen when I die?
  • How can I experience abundance in the areas of health, wealth and happiness?
  • If you knew, without a doubt in your mind, the answer to each of these questions would you enjoy every moment of your life?

    Would you also experience ultimate peace of mind?

    Metaphysics has an infinite array of possible answers to all of these questions. Through our Metaphysical Mind Ezine/Newsletter and the other resources on our website (aside from this brief metaphysics introduction) we will do our best to point you in the right direction and help you to find your answers to these questions for yourself. We will try not to preach our answers, as others may do.

    Following a particular religion or taking part in a particular metaphysical practice may guide you through the metaphysical process of self-discovery; however, it is important to note that you will only find ultimate peace of mind by undergoing a very personal experience of inner discovery.

    Through this metaphysics introduction and the rest of our website may you come to understand the philosophy of metaphysics, spiritual metaphysics, practical metaphysics and much more.

    We hope that this website (if not this metaphysics introduction alone) helps you to satisfy that eternal flame of desire for spiritual knowledge that burns deep inside of you. Please remember that by desiring something you may actually push it away from yourself.

    If we can focus on helping others, rather than seeking that which we desire, we may find ourselves much closer to realizing our desires compared to where we were before we made the effort to help others (assuming we genuinely intended to help for the sake of helping and not for the sake of pursuing our desires). With this in mind, we created this free metaphysical website to aid you in your spiritual quest for Ultimate Truth and personal discovery.

    What Is Metaphysics?

    Metaphysics is defined as the branch of philosophy that examines the true nature of reality, whether visible or invisible. Metaphysics includes the relationship between mind and matter, substance and attribute, and, fact and value. Basically, metaphysics is the philosophical study of being and knowing.

    Metaphysics is a broad-ranging philosophy, not a science!

    It is closely related to spirituality, but it is not tied to any particular religion. However, it seems that “metaphysics” is deeply related to all religions in many ways.

    Furthermore, the confusing thing about the word metaphysics is that it has been used to cover any one or a combination of the following subjects: Philosophy, Religion, God, Parapsychology, Mysticism, Yoga, ESP, Dreams, Jungian Psychology, Astrology, Meditation, Self-Help Studies, Positive Thinking, Life after Death, Laws of the Universe, Love, Reincarnation, Enlightenment, etc…

    In this metaphysics introduction, it is important to note that this wide range of subjects that fall under the term “metaphysics” are uniquely related, in that they all look at the exploration and understanding of Reality.

    Beyond this metaphysics introduction, we hope to help you in learning and understanding each of the above subjects.

    Most of the subjects listed above fall under the category of “spiritual metaphysics.” If you are interested in a formal education in the “philosophy of metaphysics,” which is rooted in academic study (rather than personal realization), this site may not meet your needs.

    Our background is in new age metaphysics or spiritual philosophy, not in academic philosophy (though we may cover certain aspects of this subject). We have no formal training in the philosophy of metaphysics. We are completely self-taught through books, spiritual programs, meditation, and yoga.

    For the subjects in which we are not experts, we hope to put you in the path of someone who is an expert. We are simply here to learn, grow and understand (as are you). We do not claim to be experts in any of the above subjects.

    For an in-depth answer to the question “what is metaphysics?” please take our free 7-Day “What Is Metaphysics” email mini course, which was designed to answer this question in much more detail than has been covered here. This email mini course is an integral part of the Free Metaphysics Information Package we have created for you (see below for details).

    Metaphysics Introduction: FAQ

    What should you know before studying spiritual metaphysics?

    All the knowledge you need is within you right now!
    You have a connection to your Source, Creator or Infinite Being (God).
    Information is just a way to remind ourselves of something we already knew, since on some level we have access to infinite intelligence and infinite wisdom.
    You have an inherent capacity to learn and understand metaphysics.
    Why is this online metaphysical resource completely free?

    We make more than enough money to pay for this website (around $500 USD/year) through occasional affiliate marketing for products we use and enjoy personally, which are sold by other websites.
    The information we supply on this website is totally free, so you don’t have to worry about money in order to get the most out of this website.
    We created this site out of love, since we’ve studied this topic from a very young age and it has helped us immensely.
    We know we will always be taken care of by our Higher Power (or God, Creator, Source, Universe, Gravity, All-That-Is, whatever you want to call It), as we are fortunate enough that we do not have to worry about money from day to day.
    We are absolutely certain we will always be looked after (and you should be too). There have been many events in our lives that make it extremely difficult for us to believe otherwise.
    How can you get the most out of this website?

    Understand that everything on this website is just what we’ve learned. We do not intend to push our beliefs upon you.
    Recognize that the purpose of this website is to help you to push the limits of, and explore, your current beliefs.
    When learning, be open to new ideas and possibilities.
    If something resonates with you, then keep it and explore it further. Always let your heart decide (rather than your mind). If something on this site does not resonate with you, then forget it, and move on.
    You should only explore information that resonates with you and your intuition!

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    Remember …

    Learning is finding out what you already know.
    Doing is demonstrating that you know it.
    Teaching is reminding others that they know just as well as you.
    You are all learners, doers, and teachers.
    –Richard Bach (In his book, “Illusions”)

    May you experience the realization of All-That-Is,

    I hope you enjoyed this quick metaphysics introduction.