Spiritual Secrets to Wealth

Unlock The Spirtual Secrets to Wealth

The greatest spiritual secret to wealth is conscious application of the Law of Attraction. The main reason for this is because through the Law of Attraction you will be able to directly ask The Universe/ All-That-Is/ Higher Self (or whatever name you choose) for whatever it is that you are wanting. As I have said before God (use which name you choose) always knows the best, fastest, most perfect way for you to become wealthy (or achieve any other goal).

Utilizing the powerful subconscious mind is another spiritual secret to wealth. Your subconscious mind is a crucial link between your physical Self and your non-physical Self. Therefore, another way you may directly ask The Universe for increased wealth, is through the power of hypnosis This article will not only inform you, but it also has a link to a powerful website containing all kinds of money-making hypnosis downloads.

There are absolutely no (physically) existing limits on the amount of money you can attract into your life. The only limits you will experience are the limits you have put on yourself (unconsciously); through your beliefs. All limits are illusionary, you are a limitless being! But in the physical world you will only experience being limitless if you eliminate all of your false, limiting beliefs that you have acquired and then you must obtain the true, empowering beliefs that you have suppressed.

Remember when you take something from infinity, infinity remains. There are infinite supplies of money and well-being for everyone. I know it is obvious but it is worth repeating, infinite supplies never run out! All that is experienced however, is how much of that stream of infinite wealth you are allowing into your life.

When most people think about manifesting money, they think about spontaneously creating money. Although I do believe this is possible, depending on your belief system, it would probably be a lot of work (possibly requiring thousands of years). Manifesting money into your life means creating huge money-making opportunities in your life and then taking advantage of them. When the opportunity presents itself you must be grateful and realize that you manifested it. Many people don’t realize this, and go on to become wealthy from this opportunity. Then once they are rich, they think the opportunity had nothing to do with them or Higher Guidance. They usually believe it was just pure luck. This lessens their belief in the power of manifestation, and this will negatively affect their ability to generate wealth in the future. You must never fall into that trap.

Instead, always express gratitude for everything that comes into your life. You can do this either out loud or in your head. Just say, “I’m so grateful for…” and add on whatever it is that has come into your life.

The worst thing you could do is acquire this knowledge but not take action. You will not become wealthy by reading this article, but you will become wealthy by applying this information. I want you to know with absolute certainty that you can manifest money into your life. So please follow the action steps below to manifest the money you need:

  • 1. Create a definite goal, and phrase the goal as if you had already achieved it. For example, “I got $250 from an unexpected source with very little work on my part.” ( Tips on Goal-Setting )/li>
  • 2. Write out your goal and post it up in a place where you will see it at least twice a day. Also, during this time you must fully expect The Universe/Higher Self to bring you the money./li>
  • 3. Each time you see your goal (At least twice a day) say to yourself, either out loud or in your head, “Thank-You God (whichever name you prefer) for bringing the $250 into my life, so I could purchase ______ (fill in what you will have bought with that money). Feel yourself having whatever that “blank” is already; you should notice that the feeling is sufficient and the “object of your desire” is actually secondary to your well-being (and the money itself is actually meaningless). Next, reaffirm your goal by saying to yourself: “I am so grateful that I obtained this money in such a way. I am so grateful that this amount of money came from an unexpected source and it recquired very little work on my part.”/li>
  • 4. Everyday, go into a silent meditation (for about five minutes) and feel the emotions/ feelings you would feel if you had already manifested the $250 and then used that money in your life. Notice the past-tense, this will align you with the money. Basically, you are allowing it to flow to you./li>
  • 5. When the money comes, you must realize that it was you who manifested it. It may come to you in an unexpected way, but whatever path it takes to get to you was the most efficient for you at the time. Express gratitude for the money once it flows to you.
  • Take Action!

    Now must begin to apply these action steps to unlock the spiritual secrets to wealth. This may seem like a lot of work, but this is just where the fun begins. Also you should enjoy doing this! If the action steps (listed above) begin to feel obligatory, then immediately stop doing them and move on to something else. When you feel ready, you can always come back and begin again.