What Is Quantum Physics

What Is Quantum Physics

Alexandra Bruce, in her book “Beyond the Bleep” defines quantum physics as “a set of theories that are described by mathematical equations, which explain and predict events that occur at atomic and subatomic levels. The subatomic proofs of quantum mechanics do not reconcile with observations on the familiar “macroscopic” level of the human scale of reality, in which the bulk (quite literally) of our activity is perceived to take place.” In other words, quantum physics is just the physics of the incredibly small. The importance of this is, that on small scales the common laws of physics begin to deteriorate. Things become very mysterious, and ancient spiritual / metaphysical teachings begin to become scientifically proven.

This branch of science began with Max Plank’s theory of quanta in 1900 and Albert Einstein’s special theory of relativity in 1905. Even today,quantum physics is not complete. The math seems to be complete, but the theory includes absolutely nothing that would tie the math to a physical reality we could imagine. The beauty of this science is that it has left us with rather large, open questions; mainly: what is reality?

Amit Goswami, Ph.D., is quoted as saying, “Quantum physics, very succinctly speaking, is the physics of possibilities.” Quantum physics tries to explain the behavior of very small particles, by doing this, scientists are provided with clues as to the true, fundamental nature of the universe. And then scientists are able to understand what makes up the universe and how it behaves. Gary Zukav, in his book: “The Dancing Wu Li Masters” , says “ the statistical predictions of quantum mechanics area always correct. Quantum mechanics is the theory. It has explained everything from subatomic particles to transistors to stellar energy. It has never failed. It has no competition.” As you can see, quantum physics can be very powerful.

It is also important to understand what the word quantum means. Gary Zukav takes you through the answer in his book, “The Dancing Wu Li Masters,” by saying “According to the dictionary, a quantum is a quantity of something. The question is of what? A quantum is a piece of action (a piece of action?). The problem is that a quantum can be like a wave, and then again it can be like a particle, which is everything that a wave isn’t. Furthermore, when a quantum is like a particle, it is not like a particle in the ordinary sense of the word. A subatomic “particle” is not a “thing.” (We cannot determine simultaneously its position and momentum.) A subatomic “particle” (quantum) is a set of relationships, or an intermediate state. It can be broken up, but out of the breaking come more particles as elementary as the original.” As you can see the quantum world can be very exciting, and similar to the metaphysical world. Since, in the end, there is only really one world being perceived through different eyes.

In conclusion, “Quantum physics…consists of a well-defined set of rules which work in a universal way. Yet what it predicts about the world is not how the world appears. It predicts, among other things, strange overlaps of reality, parallel realities, and objects being in two or more places at the same time.

Provides new metaphors to understand life’s experiences.

Can change your life.”

– Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D., in his book: Dr Quantum’s Little Book of Big Ideas In this article, you have learned what quantum physics actually is. If you would like to learn more the the theories of quatum physics check out this other article I wrote, called, The Basics of Quantum Physics