Where Does Religion Fit In With Metaphysics

Metaphysical Religion — Where Does Religion Fit In With Metaphysics?

The words ‘Metaphysical Religion’ almost seem to be an oxymoron. They are like opposities. Since, traditionally, religions have been more close-minded, and metaphysics is very open-minded.

Personally, I follow certain beliefs/practices from various religions, but I do not belong to any one particular religion. I call this, metaphysical religion. Two people could belong to the metaphysical religion and have completely opposite belief systems. Traditionally, a religion is basically a set of beliefs that you are expected to follow. Personally I’d rather pick and choose which beliefs and ideas resonate with me. Therefore my heart is not with any particular religion.

But in no way am I telling you that religions are bad. If a certain religion resonates with you, then you must belong to that particular religion.If this is the case, you should be very happy that you have found a religion that totally resonates with your heart. In the end, this is what we all must find. Personally, I am still working on developing a set of beliefs that totally resonate with my heart.

As I have said before, metaphyics’ role in religion, is not to completely change your beliefs. Rather it is more to expand upon your current beliefs. Metaphysics is important in eliminating all your limiting beliefs, and making your empowering beliefs stronger.

Everyone has a set of beliefs, starting from a young age. It is best to consciously understand your beliefs, because as you will learn your beliefs create your reality. To consciously understand your current beliefs you must begin to observe yourself. Watch how you react to situations, people, and ideas. This will allow you to learn about any subconscious beliefs, that you are unaware of. This is very important, because your beliefs determine the way you act. Therefore, if you know how you act, then you must know your beliefs.

You must have a strong, expanding belief system, because your beliefs are continuously determining the reality you perceive and the experiences you have.

If you are consciously picking and choosing beliefs that completely resonate with you, than you are following the metaphysical religion model.

To develop my beliefs, I have read various scriptures and sacred text. I recommend you go through some religious text, and obtain any wisdom or knowledge that resonates with you. Since I do not know that much about all the religious scriptures and holy texts, I have found an amazing site, with all the free scriptures and sacred text you could ever need. I recommend you pick out the metaphysical subject that feels good to you. Then study all of the free religious texts under that subject. Please enjoy this amazing site!

If you would like to learn more about metaphysical religion, then click on the words ” metaphysical religion ” and you will be taken to a page talking about new age (which is one of the closest things to metaphysical religion).